🎉 Rhinos Flyland Eggs Presale Is Coming (2 ROUNDS) 🎉

👉Before you can go ahead and become the best trainer there ever was, you’re going to first get yourself a Rhino egg!

👉 It’s on a first come first get basis. Once again, the Egg will be a limited stock for the players to get.

The first 2 rounds are scheduled as the following:


☑️ Oct 20: Rhinos Flyland Eggs Presale Round 1

☑️ Oct 27: Rhinos Flyland Eggs Presale Round 2

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📝 Contract: 0xABd29a5a984c97737707cC68D38c2903B8811061

🍀Wish you the best luck!


⁃ Telegram:https://t.me/Rhinosthegoatkillers

⁃ Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhinosfinance?lang=en

⁃ Medium: https://rhinosfinance.medium.com/

⁃ Website: https://rhinos.finance/



🎉We’ve been brainstorming, designing and developing over Rhinos Flyland for over a year now. Consequently, we’re super excited to finally present our game to the world!

👉Rhinos Flyland is a brand new, play-to-earn, collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. As a Hunter, your mission is collect and train a variety of Rhino warriors (RINOs) to battle, trade or sell them on Marketplace.

👉With Rhinos Flyland, we’re aiming to create good gaming experiences first, and then raise awareness about endangered species around the world. Let’s make this vision become reality Rhinos Army!
Website: https://rhinos.finance/
Whitepaper: https://rhinos.finance/storage/whitepaper/EN-RHINOS%20FLYLAND%20WHITEPAPER.pdf




RHINOS FLYLAND Team Formation. $100,000 raised from Angel investors.


Launch of the whitepaper. Conduct airdrops and list RHO on Pancakeswap. Finalize Rhinos Flyland design.


Launch of staking, Rhinos Flyland, and Marketplace Beta. Connect Partners and develop our community. To be listed on a Top 5 Centralized Exchange.



Total Supply 100 000 000 000 000 (RHO)

- Airdrop: 5% Unlocked.

- Play to earn: 30% — Locked until mainnet

- Community Development: 20% — Locked until mainnet

- Team: 10% — 4 years vesting, 1 year cliff, linear monthly unlock starting from the 2nd year.

- Angle Investment: 10% — 3 years vesting, 1 year cliff, linear monthly unlock starting from the 2nd year

- LPs Pancakeswap : 25% — Unlocked



Meme-inspired ideology

Rhinos token is a decentralized community-driven token that encourages users to participate in the Meme-inspired ecosystem. Our biggest inspiration is protecting African wildlife animals.

Binance Smart Chain ecosystem

Rhinos token is built entirely on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which helps to eliminate pesky transaction fees and introduce a seamless interaction within the community. Rhinos token is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value. It is possible by applying a 4% tax on every transaction.

2% tax goes to holders (instantly and gasless)

1% tax auto-locked into liquidity (increases price floor)

1% tax towards our outreach budget to raise awareness about protecting Africa wildlife animals and bring in huge investments





Rhino (RHO) is a decentralized community-driven token with the inspiration to protect African wildlife animals.